5 tips for great kayak fishing

By | January 20, 2020

Gone are the days when fishing was considered a boring activity that people only did to find sustenance for the day. Nowadays, fishing is both a sport and leisure activity that anyone can practice without much equipment depending on the style of fishing they choose. If you go to the dock or the pier to fish, then you are more than fine with a rod and not much else, but when going for the water, you may need some extra help. Boat fishing may be a bit more advanced than most other types of fishing, and therefore, require some special gear to truly make the most out of it. For this reason, here we will take a look at 5 tips for boat fishing to the best of your abilities.

Go fishing on a sit on top kayak

One of the best boats to take on a fishing trip is a kayak, but not all kayaks are the same. You want a certain type of kayak, in fact, a sit on top kayak that gives you the best advantage and mobility when trying to catch your haul. This kayak type provides less stability, but in a way, if you learn how to handle it, it can be the most stable option as well. Take a look at this selection of stable fishing kayak reviews to know more about this type of boat.

Use a fish finder to maximize your haul

Finding the perfect fishing spot can be hard enough while doing solo fishing from the shore, so it can get significantly harder while on a boat. A fish finder can make quick work out of locating fish anywhere, but depending on where you are going to do your fishing, you might want to consider looking into different types of fish finders. Check reviews to make sure you get the best fish finder for the money.

Carry different lures to attract fish

Finding fish is one thing, but getting them to come to you is a whole different problem. Depending on the type of fishing you are doing, you might want to carry with you different types of lures to make sure you are all covered. Try different things for different depths and different kinds of fish, since not all fish are willing at first to just come and take your bait.

Fish with a long road

Using a long road while kayak fishing will give you a significant advantage over the limited mobility you may have at first, while also ensuring that, when you do get a fish on the hook, you can get stable enough to reel it in when you are at your most ready. The long road is also particularly helpful to keep you from going into deeper waters where imbalance can be more difficult to deal with and represent a safety hazard for you.

Take a whistle to let others know where you are

Last but not least, you want to make sure that you are safe at all times, and part of doing that while boat fishing is keeping others aware of your location. With a kayak you have few options, since kayaks don’t have engines that can be easily recognized by sound alone. In these cases, a whistle is more than enough when you listen to bigger boats approaching. Blow it to let other people know not to frustrate your fishing session and also to avoid any accidents.

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